Specialty Lubricant  & Coolant additives

  1. Pro Cor Org 01 : coolant additive developed on basis of Organic Acid Technology (OAT). This coolant additive is used to make long life (90,000 Kms) coolant. Dosage: 3.25% in ready to use coolant.
  2. ProCor 01 : conventional Coolant additive, an non OAT additive.

3.Viscool : Thickner for water / glycol based coolants.

  1. Coolant Colour : Green / Blue/ Red colour for water/ glycol based coolants.
  2. ProSmooth A 65: Unique Nano technology based additive made for petrol/gasoline engine oil. This additive increases smoothness of engine, increases power, decreases knocking and also increases fuel economy.
  3. ProLube XL : Specially formulated for diesel engine oil made for 3-wheelers or any stop & go condition of vehicle. It increases life of oil and reduces top up.
  4. Pro Jett 2T Add : Unique formulation for 2T oils. This increases pick up of two stroke engines and also reduces deposition in inject system.
  5. Pro Lube MSK : Special additive to reduce smell of lubricant made from recycled base oils.
  6. Pro Comp : This additive is formulated to increase life of compressor oil. It delays oil thickening and gives batter lubrication under tough working condition of a screw compressor.

Industrial Application

  1. Pro Therm Clean XT : This cleans carbon deposition in Thermic system. It drastically reduces carbon deposition in line and improves heat transfer rate and thus saves fuel. Dosage : 8-10%. Direction : Mix it with old thermic oil in system and circulate it at 120 degree cel. For 24 hours.
  2. Smooth Press : Special additives to be used with Hydraulic oil, which make hydraulic system more energy efficient and at the same time increases life of Hydraulic oil. This is completely ash less additive and can be used in superclean / ash less hydraulic oil.


Automotive Application

  1. SMOOTH ONE – Oil supplement for 4- stroke two wheelers which gives experience of smooth driving. SmoothOne increases power and reduces knocking. It also improves fuel economy.
  2. Smooth One Turbo – Oil supplement for heavy commercial engine that gives smoothness to engine and increases mileage. This experience lasts for 50,000 Kilometers.